Belgium – 2 Euro, Jan van Eyck, 2020 (coin card FR)

Jan van Eyck (before c. 1390 – 1441) was a Flemish painter active in Bruges. He is one of the early innovators of what became known as Early Netherlandish painting, and one of the most significant representatives of Early Northern Renaissance art. The surviving records of his early life indicate that he was born around 1380–1390, most likely in Maaseik (then Maaseyck, hence his name), in present day Belgium.

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Belgium – 2 Euro, Year of Plant Health, 2020 (coin card)

Belgium, 2 euro commemorative coin 2020, International Year of Plant Health (IYPH). Plant health is increasingly under threat. Climate change and human activities have altered ecosystems, reducing biodiversity and creating new niches where pests can thrive. At the same time, international travel and trade, which have tripled in volume in the last decade, can quickly spread pests and diseases around the world, causing great damage to native plants and the environment. To draw attention to these problem the UN declared 2020 to be the International Year of Plant Health (IYPH). Max. mintage: 150,000

Belgium – Official BU Set, the coronation of king Philip, 2014

The official Belgian Euro coin set BU 2014. Contains the coins from 1 cent to 2 Euro 2014 in BU quality + medal with the image of king Philip and queen Mathilde. The coin set is dedicated to the coronation of king Philip. The 10 cent, 20 cent, 1 euro and 2 euro will not be minted for circulation.

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Belgium – 2 Euro, 100 years of the Royal Meteorological Institute, 2013

The obverse of the coin displays in its centre the number 100 with the first zero encircling the abbreviations ‘KMI’ and ‘IRM’ and the second zero representing a sun. Isobars, raindrops and snowflakes are depicted to the left of the sun. The year ‘2013’ is displayed in the upper rays of the sun and the nationality ‘BE’ is indicated in the lower rays.

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Belgium – Euro coins, Official BU Set 2013, The mines of Wallonia

The official 2013 Euro Coin Set of Belgium in BU quality. This coin set contains the 8 Belgian Euro coins 2013 (the 1 and 2 euro included, that will not be issued as a circulation coin in 2013). The theme medal is an unedited portrait of a miner by the famous artist Armand Bonnetain.

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