Greece – PRECURSOR, (PROPOMPOS) 200 years of Greek Revolution 1821

 Ελλάδα – ΠΡΟΠΟΜΠΟΣ, 200η επέτειος της ελληνικής Eπανάστασης 1821

The first collectible medal “PRECURSOR” of the Numismatics Program regarding the 200th anniversary of Greek Revolution of 1821. Folk painter’s Theophilos Hatzimihail painting “Greece Reborn” is depicted on the “PRECURSOR”. The painting by Theophilos is painted on cardboard and dates from 1911. It is based on an earlier lithograph (c.1840) and depicts Greece as “ancient” in a long red cloak standing among ancient ruins but also as “Christian” since everything is taking place under the “all-seeing eye” of God while the angels are praising. Two emblematic figures of the pre-Revolution Hellenism are supporting Greece: Adamantios Korais and Rigas Velestinlis. The medal is composed of 3 parts,            which are connected with a blue        polymeric ring.


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