San Marino – Official BU Set 2014

The brilliant uncirculated divisional coin set 2014 contains 8 coins (from 1 cent until a 2 euro). The outer packaging shows two architectural elements of the oldest Republic in the world, the Government Building and the Basilica of San Marino. A suggestive and emblematic aerial picture depicts the Government Building, base of the main institutional bodies, sited in the same place of the ancient “Domus Magna Comunis”, built between 1380 and 1392 and pulled down at the end of the nineteenth century. In its nearby the Domus Plebis square with the neoclassical Basilica, where a part of the relics of Saint Marino are kept. Marino founded the community of San Marino in 301 a. C. and took refuge on the mount Titano in order to escape with other Christians from Diocleziano’s persecutions. The packaging is completed by the technical data of the coins and another symbolic picture: the First Tower, also named Rocca or Guaita, encircled by a double wall where people sheltered during the sieges. Built directly on the stone of the Mount without any foundation, the Tower dates back to the tenth century. The packaging of the brilliant uncirculated divisional coin set shows a panoramic view of the City Centre of San Marino and the Mount Titano registered by UNESCO on the List of the World Heritage since 2008. Maximum mintage: 15,000 complete sets.

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Vatican – Official Euro coin set BU 2014

PONTIFICATE OF POPE FRANCIS EURO COINS, YEAR 2014. The Philatelic and Numismatic Office of the Vatican City presents the new coin set, composed by 8 coins (2 and 1 Euro, 50, 20, 10, 5, 2, 1 Eurocent), bearing the date “2014″. The reverse side is common to all countries, while the obverse shows His Holiness Francis, Sovereign of Vatican City State, the text “CITTA DEL VATICANO” and twelve stars. Available now!

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Slovakia – Official coin set, 10th anniversary of entry to the EU, 2014

Euro coin set 2014 “The 10th anniversary of entry of the Slovak Republic to the European Union “. Coin set including also the commemorative coin in nominal value of 2 euro “Entry of the Slovak Republic to the European Union – the 10th anniversary”. Finishing: SU – special uncirculated. Mintage: 4000 pcs.