Greece – 2 Euro, 2400 years anniversary of Plato’s Academy, 2013

Commemorative coin 2 Euro issued to celebrate the 2400 anniversary of the foundation of Plato’s Academy.

The Athenian philosopher Plato (427-347 BC) was the most distinguished disciple of Socrates and the one most credited with preserving the Socratic teachings for posterity in his Dialogues. Upon his return to Athens from a first journey to Italy in 387 BC he founded a philosophical school in the area of Academia (today’s Kolonos, Athens) named after the local hero  Academos.

For nearly 1000 years  (until 529 AD), the Academy enjoyed a reputation for excellence, building on and renewing the teaching of its founder. The ideas of the Academy were transmitted to the Arab world, and from there to Medieval Europe. The word academy and its derivatives are used today in nearly all languages for notions associated with higher learning, the scholarly community and prestigious cultural institutions.

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