Italy – Official BU Set 2013 + 2 Euro Giuseppe Verdi 2013

Τhe BU set 2013, containing the 2 Euro “200th Anniversary of the Birth of Giuseppe Verdi”. Mintage 16.000. Giuseppe Verdi is considered one of the most famous composers of all times. He was only 29 when success arrived in 1842 with the Nabucco, which marks the beginning of a long career of triumphs. Rigoletto, Il Trovatore, La Traviata, Otello, Aida are some of his masterpieces, where brilliant creativity and overwhelming technical mastery are combined in an extraordinary way. Extremely cultured man and refined composer, gifted with an outstanding dramatic sensibility, Verdi has also been a charismatic protagonist of the “Risorgimento” (the Italian Unification), actively joining its ideals up to becoming Member of the first Parliament of the unified Italy.

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