Germany – 10 Euro UNC, Snow White, 2013

This is the second edition in a series of commemorative coins launched in 2012, in which a coin themed around Grimm’s fairytales will be issued each year for six years. The series began with the 10 Euro coin commemorating the 200th anniversary of the Brothers Grimm fairy tales, which appeared in June 2012 and featured a double portrait of the Brothers Grimm.

The designer of this commemorative coin is Bastian Prillwitz, a renowned artist from Berlin, who framed the main theme of the tale, the beauty contest and the Queen’s envy of the princess, by showing the most popular elements of the story: the mirror, the apple and the seven dwarves.

The reverse of the coin features the German eagle and has embossed the letter “J” for the Hamburg Mint. The two sides of the coin are brought together by replicating the contours of the mirror’s frame in the outline of the eagle. The coin’s smooth edge is embossed with the inscription: “SPIEGLEIN, SPIEGLEIN AN DER WAND…” (“MIRROR, MIRROR ON THE WALL…”).

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